Pokemon Cats: The Cutest Pokemon Designs

Pokémon is one of the most beloved franchises in the history of gaming. Cats are one of the most beloved pets in the history of domesticated animals. Could anything be better than an article that combines the two? Let's take a look at the best and cutest felines you'll encounter in the Pokémon universe!


Skitty - Pokémon Games

Skittys are an adorable pink kitten with a large head and a curiously shaped tail. This cutesy third generation Pokémon quickly become popular as a companion for obvious, adorable reasons. A less prominent character than Meowth, Skitty has only been seen a couple of times in the Advanced Generation cartoon and has made minor appearances in the original Pokémon anime as well as Pokémon XY. Traditional characteristics of these Pokémon include being easily distracted by moving objects and a propensity to chase their own tale.


Delcatty - Pokémon Games

Delcatty is a very regal looking, laid back kind of cat. An evolution of Skitty, Delcatty has a mostly tan body with purple affects. Often found in the forest, this is one feline that does not look for combat, instead often choosing to move on to another area if disturbed. Delcatty made a TV debut in the Pokémon Chronicles, and has gone on to make a few minor appearances in other shows as well.


Shinx - Pokémon Games

Shinx is a half light blue, half black Pokémon that resembles a large-eared Lion cub with a tiny and adorable little red nose. Among its powers, the Skitty can blind foes with gleaming fur and produce electricity from its front legs. This is a fourth generation electric Pokémon that has appeared in the Pokémon XY anime and also has some minor roles in a couple of Pokémon animated movies.


Luxio - Pokémon Games

Luxio is a bad-ass evolution of Sphinx. The black fur transforms into a more Lion-like mane. Tending to live in groups, Luxios are capable of combining their electrical ability with others to perform powerful combined attacks - leading to it's nickname, the Spark Pokémon. As it is an evolution of Shinx, this Pokémon also first appeared in the fourth generation of the game series. Also like Shinx, it has appeared in the Pokémon animated movies and Pokémon XY. A Luxio can evolve further into a Luxray.


Purrloin - Pokémon Games

This devious little Purple feline Pokémon is placed in the Dark class, and with good reason. First making an appearance in the fifth generation of games, this mischievous cat is known to play with and steal people's property - but they have the charm to force people to unwittingly forgive them. If they are confronted, they rely on their sharp claws to deal damage. These scythe-tailed Pokémon have made three appearances in the Pokémon anime. They can evolve into a Liepard.


Litleo - Pokémon Games

Perhaps one of the cutest feline Pokémon, Litleos resemble a cross between a teddy bear and a Lion cub. Don't let the looks fool you however, as Litleos are courageous little creatures that will charge into a fight against any foe. If it comes up against a powerful enemy, the mane atop their head will glow bright red. This cute little character was first introduced in the sixth generation of games, Litleo has only made one appearance in the Pokémon anime. They can evolve into the impressive looking Pyroar.


Espurr - Pokémon Games

Espurr is a psychic Pokémon that straddles the line between adorable and creepy. It walks on two legs rather than four, like Meowth. Their large ears cover the source of their psychic powers, a restraint that prevents them from being unleashed constantly. Grey with purple and pink eyes, these Pokémon appear considerably cuter in the Pokémon anime than in sixth generation of games where they first appeared. Fiercely independent, Espurrs evolve into the elegant Meowstics.


Meowstic - Pokémon Games

Evolved from Espurrs, Meowstics are uncommon in the Pokémon world because the males and females don't only look different - they also have different stats and abilities. Also psychic, these Pokémon are more deserving of the adjective ‘fabulous' than perhaps any other. They are blue and white with large, pointed ears and have enough psychic ability to destroy a 10 ton truck. Male Meowstics will learn moves that are more support based in nature, while the females are much more offensively minded. As they evolve from Espurrs, they were also introduced in generation 6 and have appeared in Pokémon XY.

All of the Pokémon mentioned in this roundup can be played in the web game Pokemon Tower Defense 1.


Meowth - Pokémon Games

Meowth is one of the most prominent kitten characters in Pokémon. Appearing in the first generation, Meowth was also a major character in the original Pokémon anime series and went on to feature in several other mangas such as The Electric Tale of Pikachu. This cream and brown coloured cat has even crossed over from Pokémon specific games to the massive Nintendo franchise Super Smash Bros. With regards to the Pokémon games, Meowth is present in generations 1 through 6, having first appeared in Pokémon Red and Blue. Meowth's characteristics have changed a few times over the years but more often than not these Pokémon will be attracted to shiny coins or gems.