Kitten Creator: Create Your Own Kitten Avatar

Kitten Creator

Have you ever been bitten by the kitten bug? If the answer is yes, then few online kitten games offer the chance for the detail-oriented kitten fan to customise their favourite feline style. Kitten Creator is a kitten-designing game that’s a little like having the chance to be a kitten/cat breeder, only without the need to invest anywhere near as much time as a real breeder of kittens. With this Kitten Creator, you can customise virtually ever aspect of your kitten: from ears to paws, this customised kitten design will be all yours.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Smitten Kitten”? Chancers are that most cat-lovers have, and the term is highly appropriate when referring to one of the few online Kitten Creator games that you’re ever likely to encounter. While breeding and raising the perfect cat into maturity is a process that can take years, Kitten Creator allows kitten breeders, kitten owners, and any general fans of these cute and furry feline creatures, to indulge in their kitten-creating fantasies. This short review looks in more detail at the sort of options that this fascinating kitten-creating game has to offer.

A Game of Cat and Mouse

So, what should you expect from this online cat creator? Well, this creator is more of a tool, allowing the user to create and customise their very own kitten. Its format is extremely simple, offering a fairly standard interface common to most “creator” games out there (pony lovers or breeders should check out this Pony Creator to see the kind of standard formatting I’m referring to here).  

The basic layout has your plain, un-decorated kitten sitting anticipatorily on the left of the screen while the many customisation options are listed on the right. You control the customisation of your cat (quite amusingly) with your mouse, using it to click on the variety of customisation categories listen on the right-hand side of the screen.

If it’s a high level of realism you’re looking for here, though, there may be some disappointment since the cat (and the game in general) has a very flash-based, cartoon-style look to it like with many of these sorts of creation games hosted by This isn’t really a downside since it would be unrealistic to expect ultra-high-end graphics from a simple cat-creator game. However, this is just to warn you not to expect photorealistic depictions of your customised cat.

Breeding Creativity

The game’s real entertainment value really comes from the heft of options available to the users when it comes to changing your cartoon-cat’s appearance. Among the many options sit the ability to customise quite several aspects of your kitten: its body, tail, chest/belly, ears, eyes, hair, legs, and paws are on offer for swapping around here, so there really isn’t an aspect of the kitten that you can’t customise.

Even each of the sections are split into subsections of choices. For the body, you can choose from a selection of patterns (such as leopard-print to zebra stripes, though I’m not sure why you would want a cat-leopard). Then you can choose from the colour swatch in order to customise even the colour of your chosen option. So, if you think that red zebra-style stripes would look appropriate, then this Kitten Creator gives you the power to do this.

The same also applies to every other facet of customisation, from choosing the shape and colour of your kitten’s ears to the design of its “hair”. Extras are also available to splash over your cat, including pretty ribbons, bows, flowers, “paw socks”, and even some bangle-looking items that go around the kitten equivalent of a wrist. There is almost nothing in terms of accessories that hasn’t been thought of here.

Despite a design that it superior to rivals like Warrior Cat Creator, there are a few negative points.. It would be nice if you could see the cat maybe walking around a little, in order to see your creation in action and in 3D. There is no longer the ability to chance the breed of kitten, either. However, as a simple cat customising game, Kitten Creator really does have a commendable quantity of options to please the average kitten owner, cat lover, or kitten breeder.