Design Your Own Pawsome Outfits in Petz Fashion for Nintendo DS

Petz Fashion for the Nintendo DS combines fashion with pet sim elements as you are given the freedom to choose a puppy or kitten to dress up. From the adorable tabby kittens to huggable bulldogs, there are plenty of Petz to choose from. Once you've gotten your pick of the litter and giving it a name, it will then be time to bond with the new addition to your virtual four-legged family. Just like Nintendo's popular Nintendogs franchise, you get to stroke its fur or pat its head. This helps you two bond and increase its affection rating.

Petz Fashion for Nintendo DS

Getting Started

Although you may not necessarily enjoy designing clothes for actual four-legged, furry family members, Petz Fashion does somewhat succeed in depicting what it will take to have them around. You get to play with your virtual Petz, feed them and groom them. Take good care of your puppy or kitten and you get to earn various achievements to commemorate in-game milestones.

The touch controls are simple to learn and the fashion part of the game is easy to get into. There are a myriad of trendy accessories and outfits available in the game although these are not unlocked off the bat. Mix and match various clothing options to discover your Petz' personal style. Pick from a wealth of fabric designs or, for that unique touch, even draw your own using the handy Nintendo DS stylus. With so many breeds just waiting for a makeover, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Petz Fashion for Nintendo DS


Once your pet is styled to the nines, it'll then be time to show off them off in various fashion contests. Win and you get reward money to enable you to unlock more outfits. As you work your way up the fashion show ladder, you get to be known as a popular pet clothing guru. From humble local contests to posh runway-type shows, it's really all about style.

Parents who are looking to buy Petz Fashion for Nintendo DS for their little ones might want to know that though this is a game for kids, it is suitable for those around 7 years of age. For one thing, the buttons are a bit on the small side and so the child will need a little precision when it comes to navigating the menus. The number of things to do may also be confusing for those who are very young as they will need to learn to compete in shows to earn money and buy new outfits. With some assistance, there is really very little stopping younger children from enjoying this title. It will help them express themselves and discover their very own color and pattern preferences. Its pet sim elements may also assist kids in learning all about the tasks involved in having a pet in the household, you can have a quick go of the online game which is a lite version of the DS game.

Petz Fashion for Nintendo DS

An Alternative to Nintendogs

Petz Fashion for Nintendo DS may not be an innovative game, but it does the job well enough. Kids will likely benefit from the creative aspect of the game as well as its pet sim elements. Unlike in free to play models found on mobile games, there is no need to fuss about payment options either. Once the game is bought, every single clothing option may be unlocked by progressing through the game. Menu design aside, the graphics are great, with a number of realistic puppy and kitten models to interact with. The achievement system is a nice touch though it does feel like an afterthought. It could have been made more appealing to children by throwing a few comical milestones for good measure.