The Southern British Shorthair Cat Show

On March 7, 2015, the Southern British Shorthair Cat Club gave proud owners a chance to show off their British Shorthairs, Manx cats as well as non-pedigree pets in their Twelfth Annual Championship Show. It was held at the Addlestone Community Centre in Surrey and was sponsored by the pet food manufacturer, Royal Canin. The show was licensed and held under the rules set by the GCCF. Mrs. Shelagh Heavens and Mr. Ketill Game served as the cat show's Managers. At the time of the show, Mrs. V. Brooks was Committee President. Mrs. C. Leighton and Mrs. L Miles were the Vice Presidents and Mrs. B. Hollandt was Chairman.

The Southern British Shorthair Cat Show

Entries were accepted until February 9, 2015 with exhibits recieved on the morning of the show from 8:45am until 9:45am. Each exhibit was examined and cleared by Mr. and Mrs. Waterworth, Honorary Veterinary Surgeons, prior to being penned. Exhibits were required to have pest-free coats, clean ears and not declawed. No pregnant queens were accepted. Pedigree cats were listed under their breed class and household pets were listed by color class. The former were judged in either of these classes: Breed, Grand, Imperial or Olympian. The latter were judged based on Colour, Grand, Imperial or Olympian (combined for both pedigree and non-pedigree pets).

Cats needed to be inside a secure container and were accompanied by their owner or an agent of the owner. Top-opening carriers were recommended. Cats who were not easily removed from the carrier were neither vetted in nor judged for the Best in Show category.

All of the cats exhibited at the show were required to have a recent certificate stating that they have been vaccinated against FVR, FIE and FCV (or Cat Flu). Either the full course of the vaccination or its booster must have been administered over seven days prior to the show. Exhibits were provided with a clean blanket, food bowl, water bowl and sanitary tray. All of these must be sufficiently filled and white in color.

Judging was held at 10:00am. Winners were given rosettes which reflected their class and place. Special rosettes were given to those who won Best in Show for Pedigree and Household Pet categories as well as their corresponding classes. Photography of exhibits were not allowed without an Owner's permission. In addition, flash photography required permission from the Show Managers.